January 19, 2016

Resolutions for 2016: A Healthy Workplace

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The human body isn’t meant to sit in front of a computer for eight hours a day. At our studio, we are fortunate in that depending on the project, our work can actually take us away from the computer, whether it is to begin carving a bas-relief portrait or assemble a pattern for a bronze plaque.  These projects force us to move around the studio, and in the warmer months, sometimes even allow us to move our work outside on a nice day.

However, the majority of the week takes place at our desks, and sitting for extended periods of time is not beneficial to our overall health.  Our third resolution for 2016 is to invest our time in better habits at work, which as a result, will make our day happier, healthier and more focused, so that we can work better with you.  Our team sat down (and then stood up!) to discuss ways we can introduce healthier habits into our workplace culture. 


Studies show that taking regular breaks actually increases productivity by 6-11% throughout the day.  In fact, a 15 second break taken a few times an hour is said to reduce fatigue by 50%. We’ve downloaded the free Time Out app, which gently reminds us to take a break on a regular basis.


Here in New York City, many employees eat lunch at their desks or simply do not take a break to eat at all.  This habit actually reduces productivity because it does not give our brains the time to rest between tasks.  We’ve made a pact to step away for an extended break at least two times a day, in addition to taking lunch outside the office. 

Taking a walk around the block is particularly enjoyable in our neighborhood.  We can volunteer for the nearby dog shelter and walk a dog for twenty minutes to temporarily unwind during a stressful day.  Others of us have installed an app on our phones called Sworkit which provides five-minute work out routines, perfect for a break between emails or after a big project is completed.


Most of us already know that the average person should be drinking 8-10 glasses of water a day, equaling about two liters.  At work, we’ve found it is easy to stay put at your desk, answer emails and lose track of time.  Especially if you aren’t in the habit of consistently drinking water, the day can go by and after the morning coffee, you haven’t drank anything at all.  We’ve decided to keep a large water bottle at our desk, which can be carried easily with us to lunch or to plaque design meetings, so we all stay on track and stay hydrated.  Here’s to a healthy and active 2016! 

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