September 29, 2015

Make Your Own Cast Bronze Plaque – Shapes & Sizes

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Our studio can create bronze plaques at just about every size and shape.  At Masterwork Plaques, we think the size should be determined by the content of the plaque and not the other way around, so both standard and "odd" sized plaques are priced the same.  Plaques are typically sized to the nearest inch, however if precise measurements are required, we can accommodate sizes within an eighth of an inch.

We always try to accommodate customers’ requests while adhering to our casting regulations. While we can fabricate plaques at just about any size, there are a few rules we must follow to ensure that our plaques are of the highest quality. Typically all cast plaques have a minimum text size requirement of about 0.25” in height (36 point font size) in order to ensure the text will cast clearly.  This requirement ensures that small lowercase letters are still readable and will not blur together during the casting process.  This specification applies only to our cast bronze and cast aluminum plaques

Etched plaques are a great alternative to fit a significant amount of text within a contained size. Etched plaques can include text at much smaller sizes, because the plaques are created using a chemical etching process.  For etched plaques, text can be as small as 18 points in size, which gives our clients a helpful alternative when small plaques are required.

Masterwork Plaques can also create plaques in a variety of shapes.  Oval plaques are one common alternative to the standard rectangular shaped plaque.  Oval plaques can also be created at any size.  Plaques can also be created in a circle format, in which case our prices are based on the diameter of the plaque.  Masterwork Plaques specializes in the production circular cast bronze medallions.

For national register plaques, welcome plaques and town seals, our studio often recommends custom shaped plaques, which often look more regal than the standard rectangle. 

Some custom shape options we can offer are listed below:

  • French Corners
  • Rounded Corners
  • French Provincial
  • Parenthesis
  • Scalloped Oval plaque
  • Other Unique shapes

Our decorative borders pair nicely with ornate signage; the custom border and shape give these plaques a more sophisticated look.  A beveled edge border also provides a tastefully simple edge on ornate-shaped plaques.  Our sales and design team can put together an initial design based on your recommendations.

Have a really unique idea for a custom shaped plaque?  Send us your concept and there's a good chance we can make it happen.  Past clients have ordered plaques in a wide range of custom shapes.  From a guitar to a footprint, Masterwork Plaques creates unique shaped plaques that stand out from the crowd.

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