December 7, 2015

Holiday Gift Guide : Healthy, High Quality and Material-free Gifts

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Winter is here, and the holidays are quickly approaching.  For many, December 1st marks the beginning of the annual madness of holiday shopping. Throughout the month, we search, we shop, we wrap and finally, we give.  Come December 26th, empty boxes and gift-wrap are strewn about the living room, and eleven months later, we begin the cycle again.  While the holidays are filled with love, tradition, family and friends, there is an undercurrent of materialistic tendencies that can get the better of us if we’re not careful.  

So in the spirit of a meaningful and less wasteful holiday, we’ve put together a list of healthy, high quality and material-free gifts this season. 


Winter can be so gray.  Bring some green into your home this year.  Not only do plants absorb carbon dioxide (and release oxygen), but many also remove toxins from the air, as well as improve your overall health and level of focus.  (For our fellow New Yorkers with not so many windows, we recommend the ZZ Plant, the Snake Plant and the Peace Lily.)


Small quotations and poems can be a daily source of inspiration and guidance.  Create a custom bronze or aluminum plaque in the color and finish of your choice, depicting a personal mantra or quote of your choosing.  Our custom plaques can be installed indoors or out, as metal plaques hold up well under various weather conditions.  Install the plaque in a place where you will see it everyday to encourage positivity and reflection.


Need a gift for the family member that has everything?  Commemorate a family seal, a childhood home or family portrait as a long-lasting gift for their home.  Our studio can help you design a plaque in the size and material of your choosing.  Just send us over an image, and we can recommend a variety of techniques to pay tribute to your family’s unique history. 


Great plans beat “more stuff” just about any day.  Spend time with friends and family outdoors, visit a museum or see a play.  Activities often create memories that are longer lasting than the material gifts we give to each other.


Volunteering your time is a valuable gift to loved-ones and others in your community. Spend time with a grandparent or out of town relative, or donate to a charitable organization in the name of someone you love.  Helping others is the gift that gives back.

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