January 6, 2015

Make Your Own Plaque – Border Styles

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What borders can I add to my cast bronze plaque?

Cast bronze plaques can be created with a variety of different border styles.  Typically a cast bronze plaque will have a simple border that is raised extending about ¼” from the edge of the plaque.  Borders are typically recommended on most cast bronze plaques, as they give the piece a finished and refined quality and also protect the central text and graphics from general damage. However, on occasion a borderless cast plaque may be preferred if the plaque will be inset into brick or into the ground and needs to have a seamless and integrated look with its surroundings. If a border is preferred, a standard single line border can be expanded to a double line border, beveled edge border, or even a combination of more than one border technique.  These borders are standard at our studio and are included in the price of the plaque (shown below).


In contrast to standard borders, decorative borders are custom made to fit your cast bronze plaque.  These borders are more complex and can consist of hand-carved elements, which give your plaque a customized look.  These borders, shown on our cast metal materials page, are typically used for more traditional plaques such as national register plaques, monument plaques, commemorative plaques, etc.  They can be especially helpful for large-scale plaques that do not have any graphic or illustrated elements, as the intricate borders provide an interesting contrast to the simplicity of the text. Decorative borders range from leaf borders, ogee borders, and classic lamb’s tongue and egg & dart borders.

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