August 6, 2014

Cast Bronze Plaques with Textured Backgrounds

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What is the benefit of a textured background on a cast bronze plaque?


The recessed background of a cast bronze plaque is typically created with a subtle background texture and color, which provides contrast to the plaque’s raised text and border elements.  If a large plaque is created without a background texture, the casting process can leave subtle water marks on the surface of the background. These marks are normal occurrences on larger plaques, which are caused by the pouring of the molten bronze in the casting process.  Masterwork Plaques encourages textures on larger plaque projects to help disguise these flow marks, unless the client prefers the natural texture-free look.

We offer a variety of textures that range from subtle to dramatic.  The leatherette and pebbled backgrounds are two of our most popular choices for clients looking for only slight variations in the background.  Both textures are subtle and are best for plaques with a heavy amount of text and graphics, as they do not distract the viewer.

Textured backgrounds can also make your cast bronze plaque look distinctive and artistic. For a more striking texture, we would recommend the travertine and sculptured texture options.  For plaques with a decent amount of background space, we recommend textures which are more dramatic, to keep these open areas interesting. All of our textures can be used to differentiate your plaque project from the mass-produced, template based signage.  More information on background textures and other decorative elements can be found on our material options pages. 

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