December 16, 2014

Make Your Own Plaque - Etched Plaques

etched plaques

What is the benefit of an etched plaque?

Etched plaques typically have recessed lettering and graphics, and the remaining areas of the plaque are raised, finished metal.  An etched plaque can be particularly useful for smaller sized plaques, as a laser-cut letter can be created at a much smaller size than a cast plaque would allow.  An etched plaque can also be created at a variety of thicknesses, as they are created by cutting from a large sheet of metal and etching onto the surface of the sheet.  Therefore, one can choose between creating a plaque on a sheet of metal that is 1/4" thick, 1/8” thick, etc. 

Because an etched plate can be created at a small size and thickness, etched plates are the recommended choice for nameplates, regulation signage, bench plaques, product labels, etc.  Etched plates can also be produced in large quantities at minimal cost for this reason, particularly if the content of the plate does not vary from piece to piece.  

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